Employee safety alert


                                                    Wildland Fire Prevention

Every effort should be made to prevent fires from occurring on the mountain.  These efforts should include:

  • -Complying with the Hot Work Permit Program
  • -Using caution when operating heavy equipment or chainsaws around heavy fuel areas.
  • -No parking cars in areas with tall grass.
  • -No smoking on mountain, by anyone.
  • -Any response to a fire should be in a safe and controlled manner to ensure your safety and the safety of your co-workers.

                                                        Fire Prevention Basics

Hot Work Program:

  • -Written procedures are in place to prevent fires resulting from temporary operations that involve an open flame or those that produce heat, sparks or hot slag.
  • -These include, but are not limited to: brazing, grinding soldering, torch applied roofing and welding.
  • -The program requires the issuance of a Hot Work Permit before beginning any hot work.
  • -Hot work in non-designated areas is not permitted on “Red Flag Warning” days.
  • -When performing hot work ensure to designate a “fire watch” and that proper firefighting equipment is readily available:

o   Fire Extinguisher

o   Water pump bag or canister

o   Shovel

Equipment Operations:  make sure to use equipment responsibly.  Lawn mowers, weed trimmers, chainsaws, grinder, welders, tractors and trimmers can all spark a Wildland fire.  Do your part, the right way, to keep our resort safe.

Here’s how to do it the RIGHT way:

  • -Do all yard maintenance that requires a gas or electrical motor before 10 a.m., not in the heat of the day or when the wind is blowing.
  • -Lawn mowers are designed to mow lawns.  Never use lawn mowers in dry vegetation.
  • -Use a weed trimmer to cut down dry weeds and grass.
  • -Remove rocks in the area before you begin operating any equipment.  A rock hidden in grass or weeds is enough to start a fire when stuck by a metal blade.
  • -Keep all exhaust systems and mowers in proper working order and free of carbon buildup. Use the recommended grade of fuel and don’t top off.

o   Make sure your vehicle is equipped at all times with a fire extinguisher, full water pump bag or canister and shovel.


  • -Try to quit.
  • -NO SMOKING ON MOUNTAIN.  Smoking in resort village only in designated areas.
  • -When the situation warrants, please explain our high fire danger to our guests and discourage them from smoking on mountain.

Responding to a Fire:  Fires spread very quickly.  In a split second, they can do an extensive amount of damage – and people can get seriously hurt or killed.  That’s why it’s important to act quickly:

  • -Call Dispatch (435) 615-1911) immediately and provide the exact location and size of fire before taking any action.  Early notification is critical.  Report problems as soon as you are made aware of them.
  • -Get other people to safety before trying to put out a fire.
  • -Judge the size of the fire. Only fight a fire if it is small and is confined to the immediate area.
  • -Look for an escape route. Do not fight a fire unless you are certain you can safely get out of the area.
  • -Be sure the fire extinguisher you have on hand is the right kind for the type of fire.
  • -Only fight a fire if you are comfortable doing so. Don’t panic and don’t try to be a hero.