Employee Safety Alert

Vehicle Operation



Below are a few reminders for on and off-mountain driving.


  • The speed limit for on-mountain roads is 15 mph

  • Vehicles traveling uphill have the right-of-way. Consideration of all other vehicles is essential when operating on our mountains

  • Stop at all trail crossings

  • On mountain drivers must receive approval from their manager and the Sr. Director of Mountain Operations

  • Know where you are going!!


  • Whenever possible, park vehicles or equipment on solid, level ground

  • Set the parking brake when vehicles are unoccupied

  • Use wheel chocks every time the vehicle operator exits a standard transmission vehicle with the intention of parking

  • If parking on-mountain, all vehicles must be chocked


  • Avoid backing your vehicle whenever possible

  • Use another employee to help when backing if available

  • Back up slowly, using mirrors continually looking to both sides of vehicle

Check your surroundings!

  • All vehicles are equipped with a safety cone

  • When parking a vehicle, on or off the mountain, this cone shall be placed in the direction of travel when leaving the parking spot

  • Cone must be removed before driving the vehicle

  • This process will ensure the driver has checked for any obstacles in the vehicle’s travel path


All vehicle damage must be reported to your manager and vehicle maintenance immediately.