VRR is ready to start inspecting equipment.   Below is a list of the changes to last year’s program. 

Program Improvements (Changes for Ski Season 2016/2017):

  1. In-House Inspections: Alpine/AT skis that have already been inspected by VRR, new equipment with a shop ticket, Snowboards and Telemark skis.
    1. Inspection guidance is provided in the SOP.
    2. Equipment will be inspected and stickered by the operational department’s designee
  2. VRR Inspections: new employees with Alpine/AT skis, new equipment that was mounted by the employee (or third party without proper paperwork/shop ticket), any new/different boot being paired with a previously inspected alpine ski or any employee that wants to have VRR inspect Alpine/AT equipment.
    1. Equipment will be inspected and stickered by VRR
  3. Create clarity:
    1. Compatibility Chart: VRR has worked with boot and binding manufacturers to develop a compatibility chart that spells out their compatibility. These are individual manufacturer’s requirements and will be our standard for determining what equipment works appropriately together.  Alpine Touring equipment will no longer be inspected by third-party shops.  We will move these inspections to In-House inspections and/or our VRR rental locations.
  4. Some combinations of alpine touring equipment will not be inspected using a standard torque test due to manufacturer requirements and will only be inspected only for compatibility. These combinations are noted on the VRR compatibility chart and can be stickered by the operation department’s designee as well as VRR.
  5. VRR will begin inspections in November and recommends all alpine boots be inspected this fall so replacement pieces can be ordered in advance of the ski season.
  6. Employees will be provided vouchers to make the process clearer for supervisor tracking.  Employees who wish to have additional vouchers for more equipment inspections will be issued vouchers by their department as needed.

Employee requirements:  Employees will have each piece of equipment used in the course and scope of their employment certified per this procedure within 30 days of the employee’s first day skiing/riding for work.  After the first 30 days of work, employees may not use equipment during the course and scope of their employment that has not been inspected.  The Company’s expectation is that bindings be adjusted to the binding manufacture’s recommended settings based on height, weight, age, skier type and boot sole length (or shoe size).

Department requirements:  Ensure compliance with this program, regularly monitor employees’ equipment to ensure valid inspections exist, issue employee vouchers, and maintain an auditable record keeping system for the department.

Our continued goal for this program is to gather as much information as possible to measure the positive impact of equipment inspections for our employees. The collection of information concerning knee injuries, the role equipment may or may not have played when an injury occurs and the growth of employee’s understanding of their equipment will pay dividends for the employee as well as the larger Vail Resorts community. Improvements will ensure that more employees will be able to efficiently have their equipment checked and experience less frustration from the process.  Specific information on your local programs will be available through the local VRR stores or your Health and Safety Department.