Employee On-Snow Assessment Testing



 All Employees, with the exception of Ski and Snowboard School & Ski Patrol, who are required to ski or snowboard for any portion of their job must take an Employee On-Snow Assessment test provided via Ski and Snowboard School.

 This assessment is required ONCE during their employment with Vail Resorts, (unless the employee is seeking to increase his/her assessed level.)


To save your season!! We want to ensure that your skill level is matched to the terrain you are required to ski or snowboard on for your job.


Department managers or their designee need to arrange appointments for their employees.

NOTE: Large groups must directly arrange testing times with Eric Rolls at erolls@vailresorts.com, otherwise managers or designees may sign up employees on Sharepoint on the Snow Assessment Calendar.


Testing will take place 5 Days a week beginning November 23rd. Meeting times are 10 am at the bottom of the Orange Bubble Express and Payday Lifts. REMEMBER: Employees must have appointments!!

What do you and your employees need to do?

Managers: give assessment forms to employees (attached). Ensure that employees’ equipment has been inspected and stickered. Ensure employees wear their helmets to the test. Make appointments no less than 48 hours prior to the testing time. Give completed evaluation forms to HR to keep in each employee’s file.

Employees: bring assessment form to the test. Show up on time to your appointment. Wear your helmet to the assessment. Return the completed evaluation form to your department manager.

Assessment Levels?

Depending on the type of trails the employee needs to access for their job, employees are assessed on Green, Blue (level 6, 7), or Black (Level 8) designated trails. Employees who do not meet the safe skiing and riding criteria will have access to Ski & Snowboard School group lessons.

Type of Equipment?

The employee will be tested on each type of equipment they choose to ski or snowboard on throughout the season.